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Logo design for Norsk-Ungarsk Kulturhistorisk Forening

Date: October, 2012

Client: Norsk-Ungarsk Kulturhistorisk Forening

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The Norsk-Ungarsk Kulturhistorisk Forening was a shortlived foundation that took it upon itself to find mutual historical and cultural events that involved Hungary and Norway. In their short existence, they managed to set up two plaquettes in Norway to commemorate two cultural events that took place several hundred years ago. Pretty cool, huh? Makes me wish that we had a chance to see their other plans come into fruition because they had a few. Although these I made many many years ago, my style was not really polished and I was just getting into Adobe Illustrator, I saw the most potential in the black & white tall version, the one I featured with the finalist open lexicon version.