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Logo design for Reds

Date: March, 2019

Client: A friend

This was a fun little one. A friend asked me to design a logo for a planned restaurant/food truck idea he had. I`m not actually sure how`s the project getting along now, i really hope it will go through because i had some cool ideas for their menu and overall visual look as well! It was supposed to be a “fun”, non traditional logo design. I sketched up a few versions on my ipad pro, trying to cover a variety of styles to see what he liked most. I tried more traditional looks, as well as more loose, morbid ideas too – the be-headed chicken was by far my favorite (one of my first drafts had a more realistic chicken head drawing, but that was kinda gross so i ditched it). I also really liked the one where the “d” takes on the chicken shape, i could have done some fun animations with that oner. He also liked the be-headed chicken logo the most but his business partners went with the “chicken-silhouette-with-text-in-it`s-body” look. Funny thing is, i kinda just put that one there as filler, because even though i liked it`s general look i was really thinking one of the afformentioned two would win it all! As you can see it`s not even that much detailed in the first drafts, pretty much the same as how i sketched it out. Well, i guess you never know! I quickly found a picture taken by me from a previous holiday to use as referencefor mr.chicken there, and voila: logo done! I`m satisfied with the final look, but was unable to decide whether i like it with the ground under it`s feet or not?